The Rescue Process


If you’re considering making an Alaskan Malamute a part of your life, that’s exciting and we’re here to help! Check out the “Success Stories” you’ll find on this site to see just a few of the happy endings there have been to “rescue tales” in the UK.

Like any family change, it’s important to do your homework and make certain the decision you make is the right one for you and for the dog. While we might be able to find just the right dog for you, are you ready to make the long-term commitment that having a large animal addition to your household can mean?

Do you need to do a little more research? If so, review the Questions page to learn a little more.

You can also click on the “Useful Links” item to the left to delve deeper into this breed through various organizations. There are web-based forums you can join to talk to experienced owners, breeders and others just like yourself who are considering adopting or purchasing a Malamute themselves.

If you’re ready to take the process one step further, then we’re here to help!


Here is a brief summary of the steps:


Fill out the application form and follow the instructions on the last page of the form.

You may be contacted for a brief phone interview and/or email discussion of your request/dogs. If there is a Regional Coordinator in your area, your case will probably be handed off to that person.

A home check will be arranged to assess your home, garden, family status, etc. This sometimes happens before you meet dogs, sometimes after. We have volunteers in most areas—but not all—so please be patient if you’re in a rescue volunteer ‘black hole’.

Dogs will be suggested to you or you may see dogs on the website and make enquiries about them. We expect you to stay in touch, be involved, and commit to moving forward with the process in order to be successful. We want to help you — but you need to help us, too!

We’ll ask you to meet the prospective dogs at one of our regional kennels, most likely. You should be prepared to travel with your family and other dog(s) to meet the prospective dog, generally at one of several regional foster kennels.

Please be sure to keep your commitments to meet the dog. Everyone involved is a volunteer and we ask that you respect their time and efforts to help you and the dog.

When all is approved, you will pay the requested £200 donation and enter into a contract with AMCUK and arrange to take your new family member home

Ongoing support is provided as needed to help you all get settled and begin your successful life together.

AMCUK will monitor all rehomed dogs and further home-checks will be performed at 6 weeks and then at 3 months.