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Our Continual Improvement Policy

We at AMCUK Rescue will operate a policy of continual improvement.
What do we mean by this. It means we will review all our policies on a half yearly basis to ensure that they are fit for purpose.
AMCUK Rescue will consider any suggestions from supporters for further improvements of any newly published policies in 2 months time, which will allow AMCUK Rescue to see how the revised policies are working. Thereafter all reviews will be on a half yearly basis.
Any proposals put forward and agreed by the AMCUK Rescue sub committee would then be implemented as quickly as possible, or if declined AMCUK Rescue would state why they were not prepared to implement.

Please find below some more detailed information on each of our policies and procedures.

Adoption Procedure

Foster Policy

Rehoming Procedure

Neutering & Microchipping Policy

Foster Policy

Transport Policy