Past Fundraising


from all of us here at AMCUK Rescue we would like to say THANK YOU so much & to everyone who have helped raise funds and all those that purchased or donated.

We hope that you continue to support us in our many other up and coming funraising activitesBAR


December 2014 Wintadreama Design raised £150.00 with making £5.00 FaceBook Christmas Cards

The wonderful Christmas Cracker donated by Bob and Nancy Russell was won for £150.00

Keith and Myra Butler raised £243.00 at the Allerton Weight Pull and Trek events

Lesley Winning, Secretary of Scottish Sledog Welfare sent a donation of £550.00

Wintadreama Design donated £60.00 annual hosting and domain name free to AMCUK Rescue.

Maggie Wilkinson managed to raise an amazing £90.00 through the wonderful chocolate hamper she donated!

CLICK HERE to see Northern Ireland appeal!


Wintadreama Design donated car window stickers to AMCUK Rescue, the profit of £40.75 and £8.75 total £49.50 was made.

At Crufts we did two chocolate hamper raffles and raised £200.00

£79.00 from Easy fundriaising! CLICK HERE to see how easy it is to donate to your chosen cause!

Wintadreama Design donated £10.00 sales from 5 new websites build, total of £50.00 was handed over

Anne Nevinson sent a donation of £131.00 from the Aviemore Quiz

Natalie Lovegrove sent a donaton of £50.00 and Sarah Towers sent £25.00 they both decided to donate the money they would have spent on Christmas cards.... how lovely, how thoughtful and how easy to do!



AMCUK Championship September Show, merchandise, small auction and calendars sale raised £551.43 thanks to everyone who helped and all those that purchased or donated

AMCUK Rescue would like a huge thank you to all of those who helped raise funds for AMCUK Rescue at the AMWA summer event, an amazing £1174.00 was raised.

AMCUK Rescue Fun Day Saturday in October was a huge success a whopping £1108.00 was raised. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS

Online auction in September raised £360.00

Tracy and Paul’s C2C Sponsored Cycle Ride for AMCUK Rescue raised £200 in July

Online auction in June raised £660.00

SnowPaw Store raised £54.30 in their August 5%/5% discount code initiative!

AMCUK Open May Show AMCUK a small auction was held and £195.00 was raised and Wintadreama Design raised £46.00 with stickers and gate sign sold!

Pat Phillips for the recent kind donation of items some of which belonged to the late Janetta Parkyns of the Seacourt kennels.

Sam Roberts completed the Edinburgh full Marathanand raised over £600.00

Lesley Winning for sending the amazing donation of £500.00 on behalf of the Sled Dog Welfare!!!!

Carole Davies and Hubby (Lola's mum and dad)
For their wedding Carole and Hubby don't really want presents however friends and family were given the option of giving them John lewis vouchers or a donation to the AMCUK rescue! Thank you Carole and Hubby for this kind thought for your special day

Keith and Myra Butler raised good funds at the Allerton Park weight events

The Scottish Funday raised above £1200.00! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY

John from Lintbells sent us a goody box of items worth up to £85.00

April 2013 - Sponsored Walk - up Kinder Scout raised over £250.00!

Crufts - the merchandise stall raised £386 we aslo raised £63.77 and Anna from Catua had a grand idea about tickets and managed to raise £50.00

Malamute Matters for the kind donation of items they recently sent to Danewalk Pet Hotel and split auction donation.

SnowPaw Store pledged to donate money from each Pawtrekker Dog Scooter sold during the month of August 2012, £45.00 was raised

Aviemore fundraiser event at the SHCGB Arden Grange Aviemore Sleddog Rally £50.00 was raised

The Scottish Sleddog Society event was held at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh on New Year's Day £400 was raised



Wintadreama Design raised £130.00 making FB Christmas cards.

Another cheque received from Easyfundraising this time for £22.38 for the period October 2012 to December 2012!!

At the Derby Christmas Event in December Event Organisers very kindly donated a generous £300.00

"The Pain Team" Men's wax off at LKA Champshow in December raised £2000.00 CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT HAPPEND ON THE DAY

Tracey Giles raised £22.00 on her Santa paws cake which was auctioned on Facebook and she did a quick Christmas cupcake sale at Southend Adult Community college and raised £34.84

Racheal Bailey who organised an event in December...a Christmas trek and £65.00 was raised

XMAS CARD COMEPTITION - Congratulations to everyone involved we managed to raise an amazing total of just over £935.00

Sammy Taylor, Samnooshka Designs Sammy agreed to donate 10 % of each mug she has designed and sold to AMCUK Rescue and £21.67 was raised -

Malamute Matters sent a kind donation of £100 to us from money raised to help save a dogs sight.

The Snowden climbers raised over £850.00

Dunfermline's newest carboot sale at Elgin in October collected over £30.00 of donations.

At Dogs Day Out in October, AMCUK raised just over over £180.00

At the Scottish Sleddog Society Funday in September AMCUK Rescue attended the first ever Funday which was held at Thornton Memorial Park, and raised £124.00

AMCUK Championship September Show, merchandise, and calendars sale raised £732.80 and a Sled Dog Teddy donated by Julie Cox raised a wonderful £70.00 for name the Teddy and the blind auction for a dondated framed wolf picture raised £40.00 and photographer Hayley Warriner raised £35.00!!! Margaret Harford on Sunday at an event managed to raise £120.00

In September Anna and David from Catua Alaskan Malamutes attended a country show event with their pack. They raised an amazing £200.00!!!!

Online auction for June August raised £1800

Lisa Mansell and Tony Meggett at an dog event near Hull raised £106.00

In August Maggie Wilkinson arranged for a stall to be located outside her local Pets at Home store to promote AMCUK Rescue........Maggie raised an amazing £130.00

Lindsay from Cani-Fit & her friends did a sponsored walk up Tinto Hill in Scotland and managed to raise over £100.00

Tomlinsons Fun Day Raised a large sum also on behalf of AMCUK Rescue. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY

The Scottish Sleddog Society event was held at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh oi March and £2220.00 was raised CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY

Wintadreama donated a free website build for the AMCUK rescue site with free yearly updates!

WintaDreama Design raised £30.00 from donation with making Facebook covers.


Remember AMCUK Rescue is a voluntary based organisation and funds from the general public are needed so that we can help more and more Alaskan Malamutes which may need our help.

AMCUK Rescue is NOTHING without your support in whatever that capacity that maybe. AMCUK Rescue can not operate and manage effectively only having a few people helping.