AMCUK Rescue News 2016





Funday....... Sunday 8 May 2016..Tomlinson's, Markfield, Leicester..full details to follow.





New heart for Hope – Please read we need your help!



I’m sure you have all been following our bundle of fun Hope on her adventures on Facebook. Our lovely Hope came into our care at the young age of 10 weeks, underweight and with a suspected heart murmur. On further vet visits it has been revealed that she has a complicated heart defect and needs a heart operation. AMCUK Rescue are making sure this beautiful girl gets all the treatment she needs to give her the best chance and the future she deserves.
However, we still need your help! Please help us to raise some vital funds for Hope’s operation and consult as we have been referred to one of the top vets but the cost in total is £3500!! The operation, called ballooning is a major operation for this brave little lady and it will hopefully give her the life she deserves.
Please, search deep into your hearts to help us raise these funds for our beautiful Hope, as I’m sure you will agree she is one deserving little puppy.

If you wish to donate please click on the donate button to do an instant donation! Thank you for your support!




AMCUK Champ Show September 2015

The AMCUK champ show in September was the first event for the newly formed rescue sub committee and its fair to say a great day was had by all!
Carrie brought along Ziggy (who was one of our rescue dogs at the time) and he had a great time, meeting people and generally letting everyone know he was there! We all had a great time with many putting faces to names for the first time and all enjoying the atmosphere of what is always an enjoyable show.

We raised a fantastic £336 on the day with an additional £400 on the sale of our AMCUK Rescue calendars! A massive thank you to all involved on the day and to everyone who kindly dipped into their pockets to help us raise funds


Big Thank you’s!

We would like to send a massive thank you to Sled Dog Welfare, for their donation of £500 at Christmas! What a surprise this was!!
Sled Dog Welfare is a fundraising charity for sled dogs and each year give out donations that they have raised to various rescue organisations.

We were lucky enough to be one of those rescues this year, Thank you again we really do appreciate it!


Towards the end of 2015 we have also had some lovely people raising funds for AMCUK rescue.
We would like to send our sincere thanks to Steve Browne who donated a £100 after he recently adopted Alaska the malamute. Even though Alaska was not from AMCUK, Steve wanted to thank the AMCUK rescue volunteers, Joan Sheehan and David Ballington-Graham, who were involved in helping to pair Steve and Alaska together.
Thank you Steve!!

Thank You Gaz Robinson for running a half marathon and donating the raised funds to AMCUK Rescue! Awesome!!

Big thank you to Anna and David Ballington-Graham who took time out to run a raffle and hold a ‘malamute hug’ as well as a demo’d rig pull at a dog event in Stamford. They raised £149 for AMCUK Rescue.
Way to go Anna & David!