AMCUK Rescue Funday – Sunday 3 May 2015
Well..what an awesome day it was!...Sunday 3 May was the date you should have had in your diary….if you didn’t!

The forecast rain didn’t put many people off…and it’s a good job being as the weather had brightened up by around 10.30 am just in time for the fun to begin!
It was lovely to see some many known face and so many new faces at the funday. All in attendance were well behaved....including the human kind ;)

The wonderful thing about a funday is that it gives people an amazing opportunity to meet with other people who are just as passionate about the breed as they are.
They usually learn a few things which are useful for the breed whether it be grooming tips, working tips or general advice on wellbeing and training.
An amazing £712.22!!!!!! was raised…much needed to support the wonderful Malamutes in AMCUK Rescue’s care.

AMCUK ~ Alaskan Malamute Rescue UKAMCUK ~ Alaskan Malamute Rescue UKAMCUK ~ Alaskan Malamute Rescue UKAMCUK ~ Alaskan Malamute Rescue UK

It was so nice to see the Malamutes in the Rescue Parade…just goes to show what can be achieved and what progress can be made with a dog when they are given the correct care, time and attention.  Those adopters should be very proud of themselves; it’s hard enough trying to shape a puppy into a good all-rounder without attempting with a grown adult dog - hats off!
I would like to thank those of the AMCUK committee who attended, non-committee volunteers both club and non-club members and of course the fabulous people and dogs who attended.
If you weren’t taking part in the rescue parade...people were probably trying their chance in the Fun Dog Show or the brilliant new Triathlon trials challenge! What a busy day! We hope we kept everyone busy!

We would like to say a huge thank you also to the company Sponsors:
Burgess Pet Care
Sare Tracy Artwork
Stonefield Wigwams

And thank you to all the kind people that offered raffle prizes…that’s what it’s all about…coming together for the sake of one thing…one passion…one purpose….to support AMCUK Rescue and use the Fun Day also as an educational tool…we hope you learnt a few things and enjoyed the day…see you next time!