Complaints Procedure



AMCUK rescue values its relationships with volunteers and followers, and understands that sometimes we may not get things right. AMCUK Rescue wishes to work with our volunteers, and followers to rectify any complaint and will follow the procedure outlined below to settle and resolve a complaint as swiftly as possible.


All volunteers, followers, and users of our website and social media pages should be made aware of this policy from the outset, not at the point when they have a complaint.


1. In the first instance of any complaint, the complainant is encouraged to raise the matter or concern at the earliest opportunity with AMCUK Rescues Complaint Liaison via email on


2. The Complaint Liaison will promptly acknowledge the complaint in writing by email. The Complaints Liaison will investigate the matter on behalf of AMCUK Rescue and will respond to the complainant if possible, within 28 working days of the issue being raised. The Complaints Liaison will handle the complaint in a confidential and polite manner and will only discuss with other committee member’s if necessary and appropriate.


3. If the matter is more serious, or cannot be resolved by the Complaint Liaison, or is associated with the Complaint Liaison personally, the matter will be referred to the AMCUK Rescue Sub Committee Chair, preferably in writing. The Chair will promptly advise the complainant of this by email and will advise the complainant of how the complaint will be investigated.


4. The Sub Committee Chair should endeavour to produce a written statement of the complaint and the result of the investigation (eg: with an explanation and/or apology and any action taken) within 28 days of it being referred to them.


5. If the matter still remains unresolved, the complainant may refer the matter to the AMCUK’s General Committee Chair at


AMCUK Rescue also understands that at times, concerns may be raised informally: these can often be dealt with quickly, where AMCUK Rescue can enable mediation between the complainant and the individual to whom the complaint has been referred. If this is not satisfactory however, then the complaints procedure above will be followed.