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Malamutes are a working breed, more specifically a freighting sled dog. Many breeders/owners have for many years seen the benefits in working their dogs for fitness and leisure and some have taken part in competition. Sled dog racing has been a growing sport in the UK for over 25 years and weight pulls are beginning to grow in popularity as are backpacking groups. There are many other ways of keeping a Malamute fit and healthy whilst encouraging them to use their natural working ability.

Activities in which Malamutes participate in the UK include:
Rig/Sled Racing
Weight Pulling

The AMCUK is active in encouraging people to take part in activities with their Malamutes and have organised backpacking events for members. The Club now includes an annual weight pull championship in its list of events and these are proving extremely popular.

People wishing to take part in working events in the UK should be aware that many of the organisations holding these events will only allow Kennel Club registered Malamutes to take part. People interested in working their dogs should take this into consideration when searching for a Malamute puppy.


Please find below some more detailed information on each of the activities to help you get started.

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AMCUK Working Pack Dog titlesAMCUK Working Pack Dog titles