Breed Health


There are currently two health issues for the Alaskan Malamute recorded by the Kennel Club these being Hip Dysplasia and the Eye Scheme. All breeding stock are required to be tested for these conditions prior to breed in line with the AMCUK Code Of Ethics.

Below is more detailed information regarding health issues in the Alaskan Malamute.

Hip Dysplasia Hereditary Cataracts


Chondrodysplasia (ChD)Bloat


Cone Degeneration (CD)Polyneuropathy


Special Medical Problem: Hot spots look like raw grazed skin. They can also take the form of loose coat that does not appear to be attached to the skin. Some people claim that there is a link between hot spots and incorrect diet as Alaskan Malamutes cannot handle rich and spicy food. Others believe them to be related to moisture in the dense coat. Whatever the source, they are a difficult problem to eradicate and some dogs get them frequently, while many others will never have one in their entire lives.

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