About AMCUK Rescue



About us The Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom was formed in 1964. Although there was only a small number of Malamutes in the UK at that time, a small group of enthusiasts got together in an effort to promote this magnificent breed in a positive light.

U.K. Malamute Rescue is an affiliate of the Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom (AMCUK) and is run by its members on a non-profit making basis, relying on donations and fund-raising to continue.


Our missions is simple


1. We are dedicated to finding new homes for homeless Malamutes

2. We offer assistance to Malamute owners who are experiencing problems but have no wish to re-home ‘Malamute Rescue’ has been around in one form or another for many years.

As the breed has become more popular, Rescue has unfortunately become much busier and we now experience a steady stream of Malamutes who need to find new homes. Often this is due to changed family circumstances (divorce, illness, etc) but, as the breed grows, we have also experienced an alarming increased in the number of dogs which have simply been sold into unsuitable households. Indiscriminate selling of dogs or, indeed, buying on impulse without considering the long-term impact of a large, boisterous and active dog in the household can easily result in the wrong match of dog and home. This, we believe, is why it is so important for prospective owners to do adequate research before taking on this extraordinary breed. Malamute Rescue has a network of volunteers and area coordinators working across the country. We rescue, evaluate and re-home Malamutes, as well as assist owners with behavioural problems and understanding the breed.

AMCUK Rescue is a completely non-profit organization and all members of Malamute Rescue work on a voluntary basis, with no wage taken by anyone and only minimal expenses being claimed where absolutely necessary.


All prospective adopters should know that it is the AMCUK policy that...


1. A  home check will take place prior to adoption.

2. AMCUK will work to monitor all dogs placed.

3. AMCUK will provide relevant details about the dog and its future care, both behavioural and veterinary, and provide advice and support, if required, on an on-going basis. AMCUK and its volunteer network are committed to the well-being and successful rehoming of all KC-registered Alaskan Malamutes in the United Kingdom.